Aperol Spritz Tryke

We faced a few initial challenges when approaching this project for Campari. There was a strong emphasis on staying within budget as the design and development was ambitious and could end up becoming quite costly in the process. Additionally, the tryke had to be scalable so that different sized retailers could accommodate the display in their respective environments. Working with the parameters of our budget, we aimed to have the tryke appear as true-to-life as possible. We vacuum formed the front wheel, implemented vinyl chrome decal windows and incorporated realistic pop out lights. The bed of the tryke was designed to be scalable, meaning it moved in and out to make the overall body bigger or smaller as needed. It held as little as 12 cartons up to 36 cartons. Additionally, this piece requires simple assembly, an impressive 5 minutes or less!

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Aperol Spritz


Industrial Design
Custom Display