Packaging -

“Once Upon a Vine: A tale of sales.”

The Results

The client is very pleased with the outcome. "Our products were very well received by the markets. Several re-orders and new creatives have been requested as further evidence that the program is successful. Notably, the success of the Frog Stoppers in the market has led to the creation of a series of different bottle stoppers to further promote Once Upon A Vine, and other brands."

Project Challenge

This project contributed to the Launch of the client's new brand, Once Upon a Vine. The customer's goal with these items was to increase awareness in the Marketplace by offering POS items that visually enhance the brand's presence in the stores through displays, print advertising, coupon offerings, gifts with purchase (Frog Prince on pack), etc. The dealer loaders (notebooks, launch kits) are offered as gifts to entice the sales reps/market buyers to push the brands or to further enhance the displays setup in markets.


IRG's goals for this project was to provide innovative items that are visually appealing in the market, which help to promote the new brand, Once Upon A Vine. We wanted to offer unique items that stand out to: 1. Increase awareness of/provide information for the new brand. 2. Capture the consumer's attention/interest 3. Ultimately contribute with pushing retail/consumer sales of the new brand.

How it was done

The design is very unique. The graphics for Once Upon a Vine emanates a mystical/fairytale feeling, inviting consumers to get away from the everyday life and enjoy the fantasy (by having a glass/bottle of their wine). The products that we provided are very custom to the brand, tying the elements in with each other, creating this fairytale world. The Notebook was designed to look like a fairytale storybook, complete with Once Upon A Vine branding on the front and an extra full color graphic page with a Story which "told the tale" of how the brand was created.

The Launch kit had the same imagery of a storybook and also included the Once Upon a Vine story, as well as other pieces that helped promote the brand.

We used our own imagination to invent some of these items, utilizing concept design and mockups to create first visual renderings for our production teams, then visual prototypes, then physical prototypes, then mass production of product. These pieces were custom designed and created by IRG artists, project managers and production partners (both domestic and overseas) to bring very unique, never seen before pieces into the marketplace.