Retail Display - Beringer Golf

“Teeing up Wine Sales.”

The Results

During its first launch, distributors have raved that the Beringer Golf bag is the best display they have seen in the market. The display is still very popular and has been re-ordered for the past 4 years. The golf bag rack is the mass display rack that holds 4 cases of wine which allows for a huge presence in stores.

Project Challenge

Beringer, in conjunction with its partnership with the PGA Tour, wanted to have a display that looks and feels like a real golf bag rack while still supporting and showcasing up to four cases of wine.


Increase awareness of the Beringer brand and its unique partnership with the PGA Tour. IRG set out to create a display that mimicked the details and textures of a professional (PGA Tour) leather golf bag.

How it was done

The team worked directly with engineers at the factory to pick out fabrics, zippers and accessories. They hand-drew the embroidered fabric details onto the display skeleton. The end result: a lightweight (18 lbs.) bag display that ships fully assembled. CONSTRUCTION: The frame consists of a layer of styrene wrapped entirely with leather. The leather is embroidered in strategic locations to align perfectly when adhered. Finishing touches are a printed header and screen-printed shelf facings.