Retail Display - Splash

“Making a Splash at Retail. Literally.”

The Results

The display is beautiful and the texture and print technology used is very unique. The colors definitely attract attention in stores. The pole topper was the main mass display used in store to gain visual attention in the retail environment.

Project Challenge

TWE came out with new varietals under their Beringer Classic Collection. They asked IRG to help them bring the "Make a Splash Program" to life in order to introduce their new California Collection Moscato to consumers in the retail environment.


To gain brand awareness and introduce their new Moscato varietal in stores. IRG pioneered new print technology applications and different materials to create and mimic the movement of water and create realistic bottles.

How it was done

This Beringer Splash pole topper display is in a class of its own. Combining the latest in emulsion and reflux technology, this display creates a new fun atmosphere using three dimensional layering. A combination of PETG plastic and pillow foam materials as well as UV printing highlights the latest Beringer Light and Refreshing Moscatos and really make a, ahem, SPLASH in stores!