Retail Display - Gabbiano

“A 5 Foot Knight in Shining Armor”

The Results

The display has been in high demand for more than 8 years and continues to excite retailers both on and off-premise. According to Treasury Wine Estates, "it is always one of the most bought displays in our national prebuy system and continues to drive feature and display activity at retail."

Project Challenge

Design a retail display that showcases Gabbiano's brand icons of Cavaliere and Castello so that they are recognizable and distinct. The display must have stopping power and life beyond the promotion.


The purpose of the display is to increase brand awareness, stimulate in-store buzz and drive purchase intent. To do this, IRG created an iconic display and bring the Gabbiano knight to life and bring the Caviler's Italian code of honor, integrity and philosophy into the retail experience.

How it was done

The Gabbiano Knight was brought to life by creating a 5 foot, free-standing knight that personifies the brand's main icon. Hammered tin was used to replicate the shape of the body and fine detail of medieval armor.
The tin was then carefully bent, shaped and painted to replicate the fine craftsmanship and weathered look of a true knight's suit of armor. IRG delivered the knight under their per unit budget and exceeded their expectations from the aesthetic standpoint.