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POS Technology

Point of Sale (POS) management is made a heck-of-a-lot easier with the help of our Emerge™ technology.

Can you answer “yes" to any of these questions?

Do you have a POS pre-ordering program managed by your marketing department?
Does manually creating, updating and comparing spreadsheets take hours away from selling?
Do you need to understand your POS spend, lower costs, and eliminate POS waste?

Emerge offers solutions

Emerge provides customized, on-demand access for your merchandising and display needs. Pre-ordering, forecasting, item management, team integration, and shipping can be in lock-step with each other—all while managing costs.

Feature Benefit
Pre-Ordering You control the decision-making process—and your dollars.
Forecasting You gain demand visibility so you can make sound investment decisions based on your channel, customer and consumer strategies.
Reporting Now you can leave manual spreadsheets behind

Why Choose Emerge

  • Emerge is built specifically for the Beverage Industry.
  • Emerge adapts to your business needs, not the reverse—it is completely customizable.
  • We set up your organizational hierarchy so budgets are easily allocated to sales teams. Adjustments to ordering hierarchy and budget allocations are simple.
  • Custom reports let you track orders by salesperson, region, and product.
  • Emerge reduces marketing costs and we can prove it. Our Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) will show cost savings in black and white.

  • How it works

    The homepage can be configured to show featured items, recent updates, most popular items, or your POS planning calendar. It is configured to show current pre-orders and status; pre-order is designed to forecast demand. The ordering window can be open for any amount of time. After a user places an order, it can be modified until a determined date. When a pre-order closes, items can be made available as POS-on-demand whenever you're ready to make it available.


    Emerge on demand provides incentives for order pre-planning: higher order quantities mean lower costs. Emerge allows for easy mix and match quantity discounts on items that use a common substrate and dieline. If a user orders 1000 of a single design of a shelf talker, for instance, they qualify for and receive the 1000 quantity price. But, if the user continues shopping and purchases 1000 each of 4 more designs of shelf talkers site wide, they qualify for the 5,000 quantity discount, which is applied to all their shelf talkers. The process if fully transparent; user actually see savings while ordering.

    Emerge's CMS system is flexible and designed to facilitate multiple vendors providing multiple types of products, processes, and services. Clients can manage multiple warehouses, different types of POS companies, or book and track sampling agency events through the site.